Caleao, Asturias

Asturias, the paraíso natural of Spain, really is the ideal outdoor-lovers vacation. It has a beautiful rugged coastline and incredible mountain ranges, home to the Picos de Europa, one of the most well-known mountain ranges in the region that attracts tourists from all over the world. In the summer months, the region usually has lower temperatures than the rest of Spain, and attracts visitors from all parts of the peninsula.

 However, DISCLAIMER, when I was here it was beautiful and sunny every day, which is not the norm. If you decide to go to Asturias, keep in mind that you may be hiking around in the rain and although just as awe-invoking, this may complicate trails/views.

The small town of Caleao is the perfect place if you are looking for a town that is off the beaten path- there are approx. 170 people that live in the town, two hotels, a camp ground, and a handful of restaurants. There are many hiking routes that leave from the town itself as well as the surrounding areas, and the beaches mentioned below are about a 1.5 hour drive.

Where to Stay- I was looking for something a bit upscale-ish, which is why I opted for Centro de Ecoturismo Tierra del Agua. I stayed there during COVID-19, and they clearly knew what they were doing with the safety protocol. I stayed in a room with a balcony, which I would highly recommend, as having breakfast outside with those views was so relaxing

What to Do


Playa de Torimbia, eat at Chiringuito Torimbia (call ahead- they are only open seasonally)

Playa de La Espasa, eat at Restaurante Fito Mar, highly recommend the arroces

Playa del Poo and Playa de Cue were highly recommended but we didn’t get there, and check out this list


El Desfiladero de Los Arrudos (hasta el lago Ubales)- this hike was a beautiful hike but be sure to know what you are getting yourself into – we read the sign wrong and it ended up being a difficult 8 hour, 20 mile (34 km) hike BUT with amazing views- you can also opt for the shorter version which is taking this trail and stopping at La Fontana which is about 13 miles (22km) round trip.

La Cabeza del Arco – we didn’t do this hike, however it was recommended


Caleao, Lastres, Oviedo -a city- the city center is very charming with a lot of history, check out Calle Gascona, the “Boulevard of the Cider.”

We didn’t make it to Ribadesella, Villaviciosa, Tazones, Llanes, but they were highly recommended as well!

What to Eat

Cachopo, local meats and seafood, drink cider (and be sure to learn how to escanciar – the correct way of pouring it to oxidize it)

Where to Eat in Caleao

L’Oteru definitely try the cecina and queso curado as well as the solomillo

Posada Casa Zulima for the cachopo- one of the best!

Camping-Restaurante Los Arrudos also for the cachopo- delicious!

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