Calatañazor, Soria

Soria is a nature-seekers Paradise. A province of Spain that has a large rural depopulation problem, to me, is a hidden gem. Although it is only 2.5 hours from Madrid, I felt like a was transported to another world, in a good way. I love the way small towns maintain old traditions- in a way, visiting them and spending some time there always has a way of grounding me.

Calatañazor is a quaint, small (emphasis on the small) town, as the 2010 Census showed it had 77 inhabitants. There are a few hotels, restaurants, and shops, and is a great base to explore the surrounding areas during the day.

When to Visit

I took this trip in February- even though it rained (and snowed all weekend), it was still magical. I would, however, recommend going either in the Fall or Spring to be able to take advantage of all the countryside has to offer. Because of the inclement weather, I was unable to see the Laguna Negra, since the road was closed due to snowy conditions.

Where to Stay

I stayed at Casa Rural de la Villa and it was perfect. I was looking for an affordable, no-frills authentic lodge with a delicious homemade breakfast, and it was all of that! I would recommend calling them and booking directly through them, as they usually offer a cheaper rate than what is quoted online!

Where to Eat

I had dinner both nights in Calatañazor, and packed sandwich lunches both days!

El Palomar de Calatañazor-located in an old palomar, a structure intended to house pigeons or doves. In Spanish, the word paloma, is used for pigeons and doves (I personally like to think of them as doves)

Restaurante Sabinar– local cuisine with a modern flare

What to Do

Visit the Parque Natural del Cañón del Río Lobos and hike around! When I visited, the river had overflowed, making it a unique experience, given that we were basically by ourselves when we reached the Ermita de San Bartolomé. The scenery is absolutely stunning, and even if you are not a hiker I would recommend visiting the park. Be sure to check out the tourism office to find the trail that is right for you!

Check out the Laguna Negra! There are also great trails, however we weren’t able to make it up there! It’s on my list to go back!!

I haven’t been, but I have heard great things about Burgo de Osma, a nearby city with beautiful architecture, especially the Cathedral!

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